Pro Thermal Arc Spray, The Professional Thermal Spray Service Provider

More than 15 years of experience since 1992, our Thermal spray coatings using custom designed metal and hard faced materials has been continuously improved to meet your needs. We can: salvage mis-machined or worn parts, lower downtime, extend the service life and restore the condition of critical parts.

       Thermal Spraying by High Carbon Material     Thermal Spraying by Aluminium Bronze Material

Benefit of Thermal Spray Coating Technique (HARD FACING COATING)



                       ·     Add value - wear resistance

                       ·     Longer service life

                       ·     Improve temperature resistance

                       ·     Improve corrosion resistance

                       ·     Improve electric conductivity/resistivity

                       ·     Resist - Abrasion/Adhesion/ Fretting

                       ·     Rebuild worn or Mis-machined parts






                ·     Less downtime - more production

                ·     Lower operating and maintenance costs

          o     Repair existing parts

          o     Lower spares cost 

          o     Smaller spare parts inventory